Build your own

You’ll have your own notions about what a perfect yacht needs. Length, interior, finishing, sailing qualities: everything must be exactly as you picture it. We at Serious Yachts understand this. That is why we build custom yachts that meet every single one of your specifications. Take this ultimate opportunity to finally realise your dream. What is better than owning a yacht that no one else has?

A true Swiss

Imagine: you own a house in Switzerland and you love the Swiss lakes. However, in Switzerland, the width of the moorings is limited. That calls for a customized yacht. Tell us what your special wishes are and we will make them come true!

Swiss Lakes

A swinging yacht

Image you’re a great lover of classical music. You’re fascinated by the deep, brown colour of violins and love the classic look, which is why you want your yacht to be painted in Pantone 161. An odd request? Not for Serious Yachts, we consider these wishes a welcome challenge!


Born and raised in Amsterdam

Imagine you love Amsterdam. Wouldn’t you want to cruise the city without interruption? That requires a very low yacht that can navigate all the bridges without waiting for them to open. A client came to us with this request, which led to the Gently 45 Low Bridge. A lovely yacht that can pass the lowest bridges in the Netherlands. Do you have a special wish? Tell us about it!

Serious Yachts Low Bridge

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