The beginning

Introduction The water sports enthusiast and yachts painter Derk Bonsink was planning to buy his own yacht in 2004 when he discovered that no shipyard could deliver exactly what he wanted. He decided to completely refit a 1975 Bowman Trawler and fell in love with yacht building. The first pleasure yacht he created was the Serious Yachts 13.80, soon followed by the Gently 36’ and the Gently 36’ Sport. The latter was even nominated for HISWA motorboat of the year 2009. Serious Yachts was born.

The beginning

Passion & vision

Unique Serious Yachts is dedicated to one thing: realising your ultimate dream yacht. We use only the best materials and employ the very best experts in the field. During construction and finishing we always go that extra mile to create even more quality. You will be closely involved in the construction process – after all, it is your personal dream yacht. The result? A unique, high-quality, custom-built ship rivalled by none.

the best materials and the very best experts in the field

Our design philosophy

Award-winning We truly believe that the first step toward realising your ultimate dream yacht is creating a perfect sketch, which is where the award-winning designer Arnold de Ruyter comes in. He is an expert in translating your wishes into a sleek and elegant design, and he has an incredible eye for quality and refinement. In close collaboration with the rest of the team, he will give your ship that aura of luxury that Serious Yachts is famous for. This results in a beautiful custom-built ship that has the look and feel that our customers have come to expect.

Award-winning designs

The shipyard

Versatile Our shipyard lies in the Dutch village of Zwartsluis. Every day, our painters, carpenters, hull builders and steelworkers work on new yachts and look after existing ones. Whether the customer needs carpentry, paintwork or steelwork done, wants to redo the interior, requires maintenance on the exterior, or even wants to fully refit their ship: we can handle it.

The shipyard

Built in Zwartsluis

Inspiration Buying a Serious Yachts ship means opting for a 100% Dutch quality yacht. All yachts are built on our own Zwartsluis shipyard, by our in-house professionals. The surrounding lakes and rivers are a major source of inspiration, which is reflected in the final result: a reliable and sturdy yacht that combines the practical approach of a true Dutchman with the enchanting beauty of a water queen.

Build in Zwartsluis

Can you picture yourself aboard?