Neptune Magazine: ‘Excellent down to the smallest detail’

The French water sports magazine Neptune published a jubilee article about the Brightly 1530 in June. The French water sports journalist Michel Luizet has performed many sailing tests in his life. But he cannot write enough about the Brightly 1530.

“It is as if we are entering a luminous cocoon” writes Luizet about the moment he enters the Brightly 1530. The Frenchman is clearly impressed by the panoramic view that the continuous windows offer and the light provided by the enormous glass sunroof.


Even from the quay, he can see the unprecedented quality on the outside of the 16-meter-long motorboat. “At a glance it is clear that Derk Bonsink’s shipyard is a leader in the water sports sector in terms of painting. The drip-free production is excellent down to the smallest detail.”

Amazing quality

Luizet experiences the same perfection both above and below deck. He notes the remarkable quality of both the materials used and their finish. “With regard to the furniture-making, amazing work has been done with two curved doors made of walnut. A shiny effect has been perfectly achieved on these doors using no less than 16 layers of varnish.”

Practical layout

He also praises the practical layout. “The aft deck is level with the cockpit surface and the hull opening allows easy access on board.” The home automation also received a compliment. “Through a 24-inch screen, every comfort in the yacht can easily be managed.” According to Luizet, in all respects the Brightly 1530 satisfies the expectation created by the company name Bonsinks: Serious Yachts.

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