Skipper Magazine: ‘Prestigious motorboat of the very best quality’

In the first issue for 2018, Skipper, the German water sports magazine, published a test drive of the Brightly 1530. Editor Peter Marienfeld, who with his 20 years of experience is rather familiar with boats, writes that he is extremely impressed.

Marienfeld writes: “One very seldom encounters a boat of this caliber, even with 20 years of experience as a test journalist. Everything on board is extraordinary and therefore exclusive.” These are some of the first sentences in his test report and they set the tone for all the paragraphs that follow.

Great passion

According to the experienced German water sports journalist, the Brightly 1530 ‘has been built with great passion for people who value uncompromising quality, masterful craftsmanship and unprecedented attention to detail’. He not only praises the visible quality, but also praises the perfection that is realized under the skin. “The particularly robust steel, the unusual number of frames and the professional technical execution reflect the ambition of the yacht yard managed by Derk Bonink to be at the forefront of yacht building”, says Marienfeld.

Nice and quiet

That ambition is not only visible in the Brightly 1530, but also tangible. The noise level on board is extremely low thanks to the complex sound insulation. “Even under a full load (with 10 knots) it stays nice and quiet. At low engine speeds the six-cylinder engines are hardly audible. In its entirety the Brightly 1530 is a prestigious motor boat of the very best quality.”

Read the full test report of the Brightly 1530 here ->

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